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it's not fair for the citizens of this county. it's such a distraction. >> reporter: now to be fair we reached out to leopold's spokesperson and they have no comment. > the queen anne sheriff facing a lawsuit brought by a former detective. she said that she was harassed by another deputy on the job, the harasser, the sheriff's brother. we have more on the allegations and what the sheriff has to say about this. >> reporter: a woman who worked as a detective claims the sheriff knew she was being harassed by his brother a corporal but took no action. now the sheriff may have to explain what he knew in court. >> this week's most wanted. >> reporter: he hosts a show dedicated to tracking the most want but at the moment people are looking for the sheriff as lawyers say they want to serve him with a lawsuit brought by a
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former deputy. we have learned christy murphy taylor a former detective with the county sheriff's office is suing the sheriff, his brother and the department claiming she was harassed and eventually fired in may of 2011 after reporting an aassault at the hands of john hoffman, the sheriff's brother and a corporal with in the department. a lawsuit filing said murphy taylor was riding hoffman in 2009 when he put his hand down her pants and grabbed her breasts. maryland court records show hoffman was arrested and charged with assault and a sex offense. records show one day after pleading guilty just to assault murphy taylor said she was fired by letter by the sheriff for exhausting their leave time which she said isn't true. she is suing the sheriff and his office for more than $10 million claiming the sheriff and major james williams were aware of frequent harassment and did nothing.
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the corporal had his police certificatation removed. the sheriff said that he completely removed himself from the case involving his brother siting a conflicts of interest. a spokesman for the agency said it would not be appropriate to comment because she haven't seen the lawsuit. abc 2news. >> all new, the men accused of shooting a teen outside townsend town center have both been found guilty. they were convicted of murder. it was back in december they shot and killed a 19-year-old, he was found shot onto sidewalk. >> if you live in baltimore county tomorrow your neighbor had may be sprayed for mosquito. it'll be spthursday night. the decision after a recent human case of west nile virus in the county. the study is designed to kill mosquitoes that carry the
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virus. today the cdc said that 2012 is on track to be the worst year ever for west nile in the united states. they say that the disease is starting to hit its peak. symptoms kind of look like the flu. so far 87 people have died from the disease but they say it's rarely this deadly. >> the parade of politicians continued today at the dnc. >> last night the governor had a spot and today our senior senator spoke. she focused on the women of the senate. she said when women are politics family issues rule things like child care. she said the president is fighting for the same causes. >> we the women of the senate with the president byour side we are going to keep fighting. our shoulders squared our lip stick on because you deserve equal pay for your hard work.
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>> 26 years ago she was the first democratic woman elected in the senate. she spent some time behind the podium encouraging younger generations of women to join public service. >> it wasn't her that everybody will be talking about tomorrow morning. it's bill clinton. >> that's right. as expected his speech tonight was hit with the crowd. >> reporter: bill clinton made his case for the presiden >> i want to nominate a man who is cool on the outside but who burns former on the inside. >> reporter: while republicans say that the president has failed to fix the economy, clinton said it's not that simple. >> he inherited a deeply
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damaged economy. he put a floor under the trash. he started the long hard road to recovery and laid the foundation for a modern more well balanced economy that will produce millions of good new jobs. >> reporter: it's a message aimed at those mid of the road voter that are disappointed in the president but still haven't committed to romney. the president and clinton have had a rocky history. they clashed during the 2008 democratic primary race. with the president's popularity ratings the lowest preconvention for any incumbent since the 80s. the campaign knows the big impact that clinton could have. >> clinton loves to be needed as much as he needs to be loved and he is needed by obama right now. >> reporter: tomorrow night the president will make his pitch to voters in this arena. the seats have been moved inside because of weather concerns but they won't let that rain on their parade are. >> september means the end of summer but it's also a great
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time to get great deals. >> coming up on the news, the things to look out for and to avoid in the month of september. >> and good news if you are a droid user. the storm shield app available for droid. check it out in the down load section and be sure to take a look at our storm shield app on the i-phone as well. >> and we are rock working for you with a warning about your frequent flyer miles. you may not be earning as many as you thought. we will explain when we come back.
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. for sale signs are becoming harder to find in many neighborhoods. after several years a down housing market things are looking up. the 12 months the average price of a home if baltimore went up $28,000. although less homes actually sold. >> this is sort of good news. this is the only category that
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we see less percent age wise because the market has gone up. we are seeing a steady increase in buyers, so fewer houses available for sale. >> the reason for the spike in sit their homes or renting them out so there is less supply than demand. some are calling baltimore a cellar's market. >> great news for bargin hunters, september is a great time. deal just came out with its list of the best things to buy this month. beds and bedding top the list. check out stores like sears, pennyses and macy's iphones about to go on mark down. they expect to release the new one next week, could push the four for as low as $99. $99. blue jeans now on sale, so are
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sunglasses. don't buy tablets this month, wait until october. . let's take a flight. when you take a flight most of us -- we earn the frequent flyer miles but now how would you feel in the airline gave you fewer miles forgetting on the planes? >> john alerts us to one major airline that's doing just that so you don't waste your money. >> reporter: are if you fly much these days it's impossible to ignore delta. they and united control half of the traffic in the united states after recent mergers. some sky miles members may be if for a rude surprise this fall when they find they are no longer earnings many miles. frequent flyer programs used to be simple. fly 2000 miles, earn 2,000 points. as of this fall you may not earn as many miles on your next delta flight. delta has quietly changed the
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rules of its program and starting this fall certainly discount fares will get you fewer miles. their website explains that student fares, flights as part of a cruise package or as part of a discounted tour package will no longer earn as many points. if your tour books deeply discounted seats you get just 25% of the normal sky miles award. the likelihood that your tour operator probably won't volunteer this information. the travel blog frequent said it's not realistic to expect travel bookers to pass this information onto passengers. that will leave you saying doesn't that stink when you get the next statement. think about it if you are a tour operator do you want your customers knowing they are earning fewer miles by booking with you? the easiest way to get full mile social security to -- is to book through delta but that
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won't make travel agents happy and you may pay more for your next travel package. don't waste money. >> now maryland's most accurate forecast. >> if you have a flight out in the morning you may want to worry about fog. i don't think we will see a lot of additional rain. we have had a few showers lower eastern shore. down through the beach area here, still a little damp here. we have seen conditions drying out from a rain perspective. that's not the case from the humidity or moisture. it's muggy and continues to be tonight and into the day tomorrow. almost no wind to speak of and it's a recipe as we go to 100% humidity statewide. i see a recipe for some dense patchy fog in the morning. annapolis today, sunshine. watch the shower go over the river. then we get late day clearing, interesting always see it come from the other direction toward the bay bridge. hits the camera and we have a
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beautiful sunset as the clouds break up here on an early september night. take a look at the heat index. it's still feeling like the mid80's. around the city and state capitol. moisture levels high. muggy, real steamer out there and this will hold for another 24 to 36 hours. let's check the visibility for fog already. we have about a 30% reduction in visibility at the airport. ten miles was normal. culpepper virginia a half mile of visibility. future trend chances for rain pretty much nil. could be a lineof showers, on friday as that sneaks further east could be a few showers sparking up but most of the action will be west for the next two days. it's a relatively active
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pattern here across east coast of the united states. we have a couple of boundaries pushing toward the midatlantic. we have what was left of isaac over the gulf and starting to develop. about a 50% chance of a increased development of becoming a named storm. down there in the gulf of mexico. isaac could rebirth as a new storm. leslie getting more intense and threatening bermuda. as intense as leslie will probably get it'll stay to sea and only threaten bermuda but it goes close to that area. overnight 69, we stay stick yes. patchy dense fog the main concern tomorrow. 90 tomorrow afternoon. a hot and mostly dry day. chance for a stray shower in but the big statue dedication we should be in good shape rain wise. chance for a early morning shower friday and then dry start saturday. chances for rain will be here through the weekend but fairly
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minimal. i think the best chance for rain in the next four days will be saturday afternoon. some drying by late sunday and right now looks like the game damon will be a dry one for the ravens opener. >> looks like football weather. >> cooling down early next week right on time for football. >> yeah. >> guess who else is happening? >> kat. >>announcer: atie is coming to town. for a sneak peek you can go to the website and find out what to expect. you can watch her at four, followed by the news at five and then stick for the news for more on the show as we get closer to her big debut in baltimore. expect to see a lot of interesting topics. >> going to be good. >> coming up next a woman attacked by a rabid animal in dc and not a politician. >> first a look at night line. >> coming up, president bill
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clinton taking the stage to make a case for president obama. we will take you inside their relationship. and the money trail. what the politicians don't want you to see about what goes on behind the scenes here. that's on night line.
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. a trip to the lake turned in to a trip to the hospital for an 83-year-old after she was attacked by a rabid beaver. >> two nearby fisherman saw what was happening jumped in to help.
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>> an 83-year-old woman swimming in lake barcroft suddenly encountered a violent beaver. this is the beaver that came after her and latched onto her with its teeth. in the hospital she describes what happened next. >> he attacked me. period. he latched onto my calf. >> reporter: mike was across the lake when he heard a noise. >> she was screaming for her life. i was like get out of the water. i was like i can't. >> reporter: after she got the beaver off he called for help. she suffered serious injuries to the arm and leg. the beaver has tested positive for rabies. >> i took my walking stick and started pounding him and tried to hit him in the eyes think figure he couldn't see maybe he would stop. >> reporter: peterson is fit and regularly swims in the
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lake but it'll change now. >> i never expected anything like this. i won't swim there anymore. >> reporter: she didn't. she is expected to be okay. i didn't know the beavers could do that. >> they got their tails. >> yeah. >> i'm just saying -- you don't think a beaver is agressive. that's strange. >> leave it to beaver. >> not that one. >> wallly. >> let's take a look. radar -- exactly man. radar pretty quiet. i will say this. watching for fog in the morning so your morning drive, hit the sack right tonight because of the speeching you will have fog in the morning. here is the outlook. the orioles dedication tomorrow night. looks pretty good. maybe a shower midday and a better chance for rain saturday late in the day, but it looks dry right now for the monday night football action on monday. of course. >> any way there you are.
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>> we will be right back.
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. ready for some orioles pictures? >> yeah. let's see them. there you go. its going to be crazy out there tomorrow. >> live. >> yeah. we will be there and -- 5:15. brooks will be there and palmer will be there. earl is in town. great to see gary williams tonight. he looks like he is 22 again. he looks great. >> he wasn't yelling at anybody. >> no. yelling at jimmy. that was it. that's usual. it was just a great night at the gala. we

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